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Laramie Garage Doors

Traditional Raised Panel Garage Doors
Laramie, Wyoming

Traditional raised panel garage doors are a classic choice for homes. They have rectangular panels that stick out a bit, giving them a classic look. These doors come in different materials and colors, and you can add extra touches like windows or decorative hardware to make them your own. They're strong and durable, perfect for protecting your belongings and adding style to your home.

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Why Choose a Traditional Raised Panel Garage Door?

Traditional Raised Panel Garage Door

There's a variety of styles available for garage doors. If design ranks high on your list of priorities, traditional raised panel garage doors might catch your eye. At Laramie Garage Doors, we empower our customers to customize the number and size of panels to suit their preferences. Additionally, we offer guidance in determining the ideal length to seamlessly complement their home.

Design Options

Traditional raised panels offer a wide variety of design options and get to choose the design based on your preference, needs and budget.

You'll choose from features such as: windows, materials, hardware and colors. 

Customizable Features

 When choosing a standard raised panel garage door you get to customize everything from door colors, window and window tints, materials and even insulation. You can choose doors with 0 insulation up to an R-Value of 20 giving you countless options when it comes to customizing a standard raised panel garage door.

Where to Start?

If you can't decide what design options fit you best or you're curious in what other options cost call Laramie Garage Doors. Laramie Garage Doors offers free quotes where a trained sales rep will come to your home and work directly with you to create a unique door that'll match your home, needs and budget. When you call Laramie Garage Doors you'll get left with multiple different options, brochures and price options to help you make the best informed decision. 


Serving (not limited to): Laramie, Saratoga, Centennial, Medicine Bow and more!

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