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Garage Door Panel Replacement Near You  Laramie, Wyoming

Most of the time garage door panels get bent or broken by accident. For example, if you were backing out of your garage and hit your door you most likely will damage one or more panels.

A damaged panel will not only affect the security your door has to offer but also cause other issues such as putting unnecessary wear and tear on other components. 

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Can You Replace Just One Panel?

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If you were to slowly back into your garage door and damage one or two panels or maybe someone hit your door with a lawnmower or bike you may need to replace one or two panels.

Replacing these panels will help the integrity of the garage door and ensure that your safety features are working properly. In addition to the functionality of the door, replacing the panel will enhance the appearance of the garage door.

Can You Replace Multiple Panels?

You may be wondering if you need to replace the entire garage door if multiple sections have been damaged. Well, in some cases, you can work on the affected panels only. Let’s say a minor accident has damaged two out of four panels. To save money, you can replace two panels instead of working on the whole garage door.

Now, the case is different if most of the panels were affected. Let’s say three out of four panels were damaged. The cost-effective solution is an entire garage door replacement. The three-panel replacement will likely cost as much as a new door.

When Should You Replace Your Entire Door?

Knowing that you can replace one or maybe even multiple panels you may wonder when you should replace the entire door and all the panels. 

Here are some examples of when you need to replace an entire door:

Sagging Panels

If you have a wooden garage door and you don’t regularly maintain or repair the panels, it will start to bend, sag, or buckle. Close the door and check if there are large gaps. Usually, that is a sign of sagging, and you already must replace the entire door.

However, in some cases, a poorly reinforced automatic garage opener can also be the reason why a door begins to sag. Let our technicians inspect the entire system to see if this is the issue. We’ll resolve the problem promptly and get your garage door operating smoothly again.

Malfunctioning Door

If the garage door is no longer functioning properly, consider replacing the entire system. If your garage door was installed over a decade ago, it may be difficult to find replacement panels that will match it. We’ll recommend energy-efficient options that will boost the functionality of your garage. As a result, you will save money in the long run.

Your best bet is to hire the professionals to ensure not only that the job gets done right but to ensure you and your families safety. Laramie Garage Doors is here to SERVE YOU! 

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