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Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs

You rely on your garage door to protect your belongings and operate smoothly and properly so you can open and close it whenever you may need. Garage Doors, like cars, require yearly maintenance to maintain optimal performance. If you feel your door is not running properly here are some signs to look for.

  1. It's Making Unusual Noises

If your garage door is making a squeaking, grinding, or loud knocking noise while operating, you likely need garage door repairs. Unusual noises from your garage door could come from a verity of different issues such as: bad rollers, misaligned tracks, worn out pully systems, worn parts or in need of lubrication. Ignoring these issues will only cost you more money down the road as components go unchecked and begin to ware down other components of your garage door.

2. Garage Door Shakes When Opening or Closing

Is your garage door shaking/vibrating when you operate it? If so it's likely you have loose, broken or worn components. Ignoring these issues will only make the shaking worse and cause more issues down the line putting your garage door and the safety of those around it at risk.

3. Visible Hardware Damage

Look over your garage door and take a look at your springs, cables, track and rollers whenever you operate your garage door. If you notice any broken components such as a broken spring, frayed cable or even a roller out of the track you will want to call a professional right away and get those components replaced to keep your garage door operating safely.

4. Can't Open or Close it Manually

Manually operating your door should be seamless and smooth. If you can no longer lift your garage door with ease there could be a number of issues. You may have a broken spring, broken cable, lost proper alignment or you need some lubrication.

5. It Opens Unevenly

Pay attention to whether your garage door opens smoothly in one uniform motion. An uneven opening, where one side lifts higher than the other, indicates hardware issues. This could include broken springs or rollers that need lubrication or replacement. An uneven lift while opening can bend the track over time and cause further damage. Avoid costly repairs for garage doors by having any imbalance and related issues corrected as soon as possible by an expert.

Broken Garage Door Spring
Broken Garage Door Spring


Garage Doors are essential for most people and get used on a daily basis. We understand it's easy to forget to maintain your garage door and that's why we offer a wide variety of different maintenance packages. Our Maintenance packages include: Component inspections, Lubrication and door balancing. By maintaining your garage door yearly you can ensure quiet and safe operation for years to come.

If you're interested in learning more about our yearly maintenance packages give us a call @ (307) 314-5156 or email us @

Serving Laramie, Wyoming and the surrounding area.

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