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"Garage Door Repair and Garage Door Opener Upgrade on Wooden Garage Doors in Laramie Wyoming"

Garage door repair
Finished Garage Door Repair

Introduction: In the world of home improvements, one often overlooked but crucial aspect is the garage door. It not only serves as a functional entry point to your garage but also plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics and security of your home. In this case study, we'll explore how a homeowner's decision to revamp and upgrade their garage doors brought about remarkable improvements, thanks to the expertise of Laramie Garage Doors.

Background: A customer was keen on preserving the unique aesthetic of their redwood garage doors but wanted to enhance their functionality. The doors weren't flush with the concrete, the rollers were worn out, and the garage doors weren't balanced, causing them to operate unevenly. Additionally, manually opening the doors was causing strain and inconvenience for the customer.


  1. Uneven doors due to the concrete not being leveled.

  2. Worn-out and noisy garage door rollers.

  3. Unbalanced garage doors leading to an uneven operation.

  4. Manual door operation causing physical strain.

  5. Security concerns due to outdated automation.

Solution: Laramie Garage Doors came up with a comprehensive solution to address all the issues:

  1. Adjusting garage door tracks to level with the concrete for energy efficiency.

  2. Custom-building a wood shim to level out the uneven door.

  3. Adding a new nail-on bottom seal and vinyl weather sealing for energy efficiency.

  4. Rebalancing the extension springs and adding safety cables for safety.

  5. Replacing all garage door rollers and hinges for smooth operation.

  6. Performing an 'Annual Lube and Balance' for hardware longevity and efficiency.

  7. Installing Lift Master WIFI Garage Door Openers for automated and secure operation.

Results: After the upgrade, the customer was thoroughly impressed with the outcome. The garage doors operated better than ever, and the added automation and security features provided peace of mind. The transformation was so significant that the customer exclaimed, "WOW! These doors are running better than they did when I installed them myself 20+ years ago."

Conclusion: This case study illustrates the importance of regular maintenance and upgrades for garage doors. By investing in expert services like those provided by Laramie Garage Doors, homeowners can enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and security of their garage doors, ultimately improving the overall value and comfort of their homes.

We love doing garage door repair jobs like this one and its always nice to see the customer appreciate the functionality benefits of a new garage door opener.

Garage Door Not Sealing at the Bottom
Garage Door Bad Bottom Seal

Custom Bottom Seal Created by Laramie Garage Doors to help Seal the Bottom
Custom Bottom Seal

Garage Door Opener to enhance efficiency and functionality
Garage Door Opener

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